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Fully ISO9002 Certified and audited.
We are a Technology Top 100 company.
Outstanding Manufacturer award.
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Murton System Technologies is a leading Developer and Manufacturer of electronic systems, sub-assemblies and electronic products. Established in 1979, we are fully ISO9002 compliant, offering World-Class products to World markets at truly value for money prices.

We specialize in small to medium production runs starting at quantities as low as 50 units. On more complex items, it can be even lower. Unlike big manufacturers, we have positioned ourselves to cater for niche small to medium assembly requirements.

Several "standard" products are also produced. These range from Power supplies to fiber optic devices which are usually available off the shelf.

We can assist with hardware design as well as PCB layout of most analog and digital sub-systems.

Whether your product is purely electronic or electro mechanical, requires an enclosure or even waterproofing, we can probably make it happen for you.

For ease of Navigation, we have sub-divided this Website into the following main Categories.

  • Company -  
    • Company Profile,
    • Contact information.
  • Products - Standard products either "off the shelf" or made to order. These include:
    • 12/24V Power Supplies and Battery Chargers,
    • Fiber Optic to copper converters (currently RS485-F/O),
    • Magnetic locks for security and access applications,
    • OEM Telemetry cards and Remote Terminal Equipment,
    • Mifare Contactless Smart Card Readers.
  • Professional Services - These include:
    • Contract Manufacturing - small to medium production volumes, 
    • Consulting services, 
    • Project Management,
    • Software Development and
    • Hardware Development. All done by our highly skilled, multi-disciplined Engineering team.
  • Employment opportunities within our Group.
  • Distribution Opportunities - How to sign up as a distributor.
  • Shipping -
    • Our Shipping policy and the 
    • Methods available for shipping from us to you.
  • Product Warranty -
    • Standard and extended Factory Guarantees available.
  • Press Releases past and present.

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