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Murton System Technologies (formally Murton Electronics) was founded in 1979. Initially the companies main business was derived from three agencies.
Up until mid 1985 these agencies represented about 95% of the income of the company. At this time, the company decided to embark on a program of own design and own products in the process control and industrial automation fields and telemetry. Initially the R&D was subcontracted out to others. However, it soon became necessary to employ people on a full time basis to perform the task of R&D.
Murton, in the period 1985 through to 2000 was involved in many exciting projects including:

  • Microprocessor and associated peripheral design with particular emphasis on telemetry and Telecontrol related products.

  • Writing of software, primarily in Pascal, for various applications, (industrial controllers, 

  • crane overload systems, 

  • psychological profile analyzer, 

  • vehicle tracking system employing GPS and dead reckoner, 

  • high security modem links for Broadcasters) and on a number of hardware platforms including embedded controllers and personal computers.

  • Lethal fencing systems employed by the defense force

  • Design and manufacture of PIE (Program Input Equipment).

  • Numerous other smaller design projects were also successfully completed such as Infrared passive security lights, salt water chlorinator employing platinum and titanium electrodes.

  • Design and development of dual axis satellite tracking systems for inclined orbit satellites.

  • Design and development of integrated satellite receiver/tracker, fully remote controlled with on screen graphics.

  • Wide band VHF/UHF amplifiers with slope attenuators.

  • MMDS down-converter with noise figure <1dB.

  • MMDS transmitting antennas.

  • TV VHF and UHF transmitting antennas up to 12kW.

  • Complete VHF and UHF TV transmitters up to 40W.

  • Transmitter sub-components such as Modulators, Up-converters, Power Supplies, Splitters, Combiners etc.

  • Murton System Technologies was awarded a multimillion Rand contract by Spoornet in 1995. This called for the design, manufacture and supply of over 200 Telecontrol outstations (RTUís) on a national level which are used at substations for power reticulation and control purposes. The system is compatible with existing hardware in the field - both in terms of protocol compatibility and hardware interchangeability. 

    In 2001 Fimm, an engineering and project management company, operating primarily within the Defense, Manufacturing and Electronics sectors of the Southern African and European Markets bought an interest in Murton System Technologies with a view to adding Fimmís system engineering and software (embedded) capabilities to Murton's manufacturing base, thereby creating a specialized electronics systems company operating primarily in the commercial security and communications markets.
    Murton's latest product range currently in production and under development bears out this strategy with 

  • specialized power supplies (uninterruptible), 

  • a range of smart card readers (Contactless), 

  • an RS485/FO Converter and 

  • A number of OEM GSM Products to be released in 2002. 

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