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Fiber Optic to serial converter

The MS Tech Fiber Optic to serial converter is designed to be used for applications where RS485 data needs to be converted to a Fiber Optic optic medium and then back to RS485. It is considerably cheaper than comparable equipment since it uses a completely different technique for converting and employs no byte framing giving it a turnaround time of around 20nS!

Typical Applications include

  • Industrial process control in noisy electrical environments e.g. ARKnet,
  • Building-building communications,
  • Short distance site-site communications,
  • Communications between heavy duty plant equipment,
  • Communications in high lightening incidence areas such as transmitting stations,
  • Distributed network systems used in plant and process control.
  • Two completely independent channels in a single unit (or order as singles),
  • Very fast 20nS turn around time,
  • Up to 5,000 meter communication distance on multimode cable,
  • Designed to use Industry standard Fiber cable and connectors,
  • Auto baud rate detection from DC to 1,5M bits - no jumpers or DIP switches,
  • Auto Start Bit, Stop Bit and Parity detection - no jumpers or DIP switches,
  • Completely self contained unit,
  • 220-230V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz AC mains operation,
  • Three Separate diagnostic LED's on each channel to indicate line and communication status,
  • Industry standard Screw terminals for RS485 connection,
  • EMC and surge protection on mains input as well as on RS485 connections,
  • Internally fused,
  • Fully enclosed in sturdy Powder Coated enclosure,
  • Four Mounting holes provided externally for easy mounting,
  • Multiple units can be cascaded on larger networks,
  • Low cost!

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