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Turnkey/Contract Manufacturing

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Murton System Technologies offers contract manufacturing to companies seeking to outsource their electronic manufacturing needs. ISO9002 accredited and audited, we have modern manufacturing facilities and offer the following 

  • Through hole PCB assembly
  • SMT PCB assembly
  • SMT/Through hole mixed technology production
  • Cable harness and equipment wiring
  • Eprom, PAL, GAL, PGA, FLASH etc. programming 
    Product testing and burn-in
  • Environmental testing
  • All electronic and electromechanical component sourcing
  • Packaging and shipping to anywhere in the world
  • Fabrication and manufacture of cabinet enclosures
  • JIT manufacturing
  • Prototyping service
  • Low volume production service
  • Medium volume production service
  • Serial number tracking
  • 30 day accounts to approved customers 

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