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New Approach to Fiber Optic Communications

“Murton System Technologies have released the first in a new generation of Fiber Optic to serial converters which use a radically new approach, making them cheaper and more reliable than technology currently in the field,” says MS Tech Marketing Director, Charles Marillier.

“These new products are truly exciting as they offer features not previously available on similar products. To sweeten the deal, they are considerably less costly than their ‘conventional’ counterparts. We are confident of gaining a significant market share in the future with these units,” he noted.

What makes the new MS Tech fiber optic to serial converters unique is that they operate from DC to over 2.5M Bits with any data word length, any type of parity and any combination of start and stop bit lengths without the need for configuration of any kind. It’s that simple, there is nothing to configure – just plug them in and they work.

“Although the current units top out at around 2.8M Bits, MS Tech engineers are confident they will have a 100M Bit unit available very soon and Gigabit technology using the same technology within 12-18 months. The current units support RS485 to Fiber Optic conversion which is widely used in Industry for process control,” concluded Marillier.

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