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Press Releases

Contactless Smart Cards with New Features.

Mifare technology used to implement high security Contactless smart card applications intended for high traffic applications such as ticket issuing, road tolling and public stadiums.

Rail Technology to be exported.

Eastern Europe has become a viable destination for South African manufacturers in recent years. Murton System Technologies intends to be part of this technology export drive.

ISO9002 Approved.

To be an a credible international manufacturer it is imperative that ISO standards be met. Murton System Technologies is proud to be part of that group.

Multi Million Telemetry Contract.

Notwithstanding a long economic recession Murton System Technologies successfully negotiates a multi million telemetry manufacturing contract for equipment it had previously designed and developed for a client.

Automated Production Equipment.

In order to remain competitive in today's manufacturing industry automated equipment is essential. With two new pick and place machines and a 5 zone SMT reflow oven production turn around time will be greatly enhanced

Burn in - The benefits.

Infant mortality can plague the manufacturing industry. With proven techniques and well established principles these can be dramatically reduced. Almost to the point of zero defect.

Smart Cards for Pensioners.

Contactless smart card technology ensures safety in financial transactions. With high security smart cards, pensioners are able to shop and go about their business without fear of assault.

Patented Security Device.

A wireless (RF) device has been patented by Murton System Technologies which employs data encryption as a means of authorizing the use of electronic equipment. Stolen goods are simple switched off.

The Benefits of Outsourcing.

As the world becomes ever smaller, more companies world wide are moving to outsourcing their products and services. Murton System Technologies offers world class manufacturing to companies wishing to out source their manufacturing.

Contactless Smart Cards and eCommerce.

E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing industries. Providing more secure operating platforms will greatly enhance and facilitate its growth. Contactless smart cards will provide that platform.

DSP/CODEC Modem Implementation. New modem developed by company achieves exceptional signal to noise ratio
3-in-1 Card Reader.

New card reader able to read magnetic stripe, contact (chip) card as well as Contactless smart cards.

Fiber Optic to serial converters. A unique approach to Fiber Optic to serial conversion.

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