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Patented Security Device

Murton System Technologies has patented a security authorization device using wireless technology, that is aimed at rendering stolen goods useless.

The aim is to incorporate a wireless device in any consumer product such as a TV, VCR recorder, personal computer or Hi-Fidelity equipment, and if the unit is stolen the device is remotely switched off via a wireless connection, and the unit rendered useless.

“The challenge was that the device must cost less than $10 to produce and install,” said Murton System Technologies MD Brent Maurer.

“This type of technology is usually expensive and the difficulty facing MS Tech was to provide it at an affordable price,” said Maurer.  MS Tech is heading up a consortium of investors to market the product and will use a suitable service provider to offer the necessary wireless infrastructure for security.

“In the short term insurance industry, a substantially large percentage of ones premium is for only a small percentage of ones belongings.  Electronic equipment such as VCR’s, TV’s, computers and Hi Fidelity equipment are specifically regarded as high-risk items.  Ironically cable and TV Decoders are not considered high theft risk items, since they are no longer useful to thieves once reported stolen and the device deactivated by the service provider.  Imagine what this technology could do for all household appliances,” he explained.

The technology will be targeted at manufacturers of consumer products.  Appliances such as TV’s and video machines will be fitted with the technology and incorporated within the electronics. 

The service provider will be able to switch off the stolen goods by simply cutting the encrypted signal, and the appliance is prevented from working.

For large companies such as TV rental companies, this type of technology could drastically reduce losses.  It would also provide the public broadcasters with the ability to collect TV license payments.  “If people don’t’ pay their TV’s get shut off,” he said.

“Overall, it is a device that cannot be tampered with and is by far the most secure security feature proposed for protection of consumer products,” he said.

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