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12V 2A Power Supply/Battery Charger

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Typical Applications

  • Security Applications where security equipment need to remain powered even if the mains power fails,
  • Power source for electronic gate openers,
  • Power source for Magnetic locks,
  • General purpose 12V power source,
  • Access control equipment,
  • Remote control equipment.

We ship via all the major carriers. We can either bill you at the carrier charge plus 3% or, if you already have an account, we can ship to you using your preferred carrier on your account and you will be billed by your carrier on your monthly statement.

    Quantity FOB Unit Price (excluding shipping)
    1 $41.00
    10 $35.00
    100 $25.80
    500 $23.50
    1000 $22.00
    More than 1000 Please contact us and we can work out something special.
    NOTE: Sealed Lead Acid Battery not included.
  • Yellow Zinc-passivated enclosure base with cream cover,
  • For orders of 1000 or more you can choose your color at no extra charge,
  • Unit is fully enclosed.
Specifications and Features
  • 110V 60Hz or 220/230V 50Hz mains input voltage,
  • Operating Temperature range: 0C to 65C (May not apply to Battery),
  • Humidity up to 95% Non condensing,
  • 2A continuous output @ 12V Nominal (Typically 13.56V),
  • Thermal shut down,
  • Short Circuit protection,
  • 7 A/H battery fitted internally (Battery not supplied),
  • Low Battery Cut out prevents damage to battery in event of prolonged mains failure,
  • Mains available indication LED,
  • 12V Available LED,
  • Feedback contact to indicate mains available (closed if mains available),
  • All cables connect to main board via screw terminals,
  • Grommeted holes for 3 cable (mains, 12V and mains available contact) access at rear,
  • Industrial strength Battery clamp.
Mechanical Specifications
  • Overall dimensions 
    • 75mm Height, 
    • 195mm Width, 
    • 180mm Depth.
  • Weight 
    • including battery 3047g,
    • excluding Battery 450g,
    • Packaging weight 50g,
    • Shipping weight 500g (battery excluded).
  •  Cable access holes at rear
    • Top 6mm (mains available relay output),
    • Middle 8mm (mains power),
    • bottom 8mm (12V DC output),
    • Cable exit on bottom right when viewed from rear.


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