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SCADA and Telemetry Equipment

Murton System Technologies is at the leading edge of digital telemetry and SCADA systems. We have over 50 years experience in the field. From single card systems all the way through to systems with a million monitoring and control points you need go no further than our one stop solutions. Designed and manufactured by professionals for professionals.

Typical Applications
  • Power reticulation for electrified railways
  • Municipal power distribution control 
    Water control (Reservoir and pumping stations)
  • Conveyor belt control
  • Broadcasting transmitter network control 
Our Service
  • One stop solution.
  • Design manufacture of hardware software: RTU's and Master Stations
  • We are not resellers or vendors of third party equipment..... We design and build them!
  • Because we design the system we can offer an exact solution to your needs 
    Exact needs analysis
  • System engineering management plan (S.E.M.P.)
  • Complete system documentation
  • End to end system specification
  • Comprehensive component specification (MIL if required)
  • Exhaustive environmental testing
  • Systems designed and built by ISO9002 accredited company
  • Life expectancy of system in excess of 15 years
  • Price. We kill the competition! 

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