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Contactless Smart Card Readers

At the end of 1997 Murton Electronics, accredited ISO9002 manufacturer, embarked on a serious program of hardware development of Mifare based Contactless smart card readers. The aim of this development is to establish the company as a world wide provider for Contactless Smart Card technology readers. We currently have a number of different readers available in varying hardware formats for various applications. 

All readers have the following characteristics in common 

  • Nominal read/write distance of either 25 mm or 100 mm

  • Communications frequency between reader and Contactless card of 13.56MHz 
    Communications baud rate of 106k bits

  • All transactions encrypted to DES3 (48 bits) making for extremely secure transactions 
    All readers support anti collision and error detection algorithm allowing multiple cards in reader field without data corruption

  • All readers support both the 8k as well as planned 64K cards

  • Authentication to ISO/IEC DEC 9798-2 standard 

  • CRC check on each transmitted block of data

  • Stand alone or networked operation

  • Supports Mifare MAD (Mifare Application directory)

  • Supports 13 Application sectors per card

  • Separate read and write keys for each of the applications on the card.

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