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ISO9002 Approved

MD Brent Maurer of Murton System Technologies, ISO9002 approved since 1998, said ISO 9002 puts the necessary structures in place and defines procedures that ultimately lead to enhanced quality and productivity.

Founded in 1979 Murton System Technologies is involved in many fields of the electronic arena.  It has grown from a small agency company to a respected developer and turnkey manufacturer employing upwards of 50 people.

“While the bulk of employees are involved with production, through our sister company FIMM, we also employ some of the best hardware and software Engineers in the country.  As far back as 1998 we were the first South African Company to adopt Mifare technology - and one of the first Worldwide - and have developed and produced Contactless smart card products for the South African and international markets since then.  The first available applications were for the Parking and Road Tolling industry,” explained Maurer

Areas of specialty include, design, development, manufacture and supply of telemetry systems, turnkey population of printed circuit cards for third parties with either conventional through-hole technology or SMT or both.  Hardware and software development as well as customization of designs to client needs as well as a range of OEM products such as power Supplies, Fiber Optic Converters and Magnetic Locks.

“ISO assists in the on-going verification of product quality and is a major part in the process of maintaining customer satisfaction especially appropriate in our turnkey manufacturing environment,” he noted.

A little discussed aspect of ISO 9002 is that it developed out of the need to agree on world standards to help rationalize the international trading process.  The body of which is made up of a number of members who are entitled to participate and exercise full voting rights on any technical committee and policy committee of ISO.

“Much fanfare and misconception exists around the whole concept of ISO certification.  Many have clouded the issue by over complication and dramatization that accreditation for many has become nothing more than a dream.  Put simply ISO 90002 is about saying what one does - quality and procedures manuals - and doing what one says - the auditing and implementation,” explained Maurer.

Murton System Technologies has been nominated for no less than 10 awards since 1992, including Technology Top 100 Company, Top Manufacturer and Top Products company.

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